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Garry Teychenne


Corbanque Facilite InternationalGarry Teychenne is an experienced corporate and business finance executive with over 40 years experience in executive positions with financial institutions and banks in corporate and consumer finance. He has extensive experience providing financial services and guidance for small to medium sized business and the larger commercial market.

He has been engaged in senior executive positions with various financial institutions, involving the establishment of financial operations, management, marketing, development strategies, initiation of procedures and systems, audit and personnel motivation, development and training.

A wealth of experience in providing working capital for business. He has been involved in the negotiating finance for the establishment of businesses, acquisitions, mergers and management buyouts.

His background is in law and accounting with many years experience in, corporate finance, small to large value property transactions commencing in consumer finance; after an earlier career in the Merchant Navy.

Over several decades he has been a presenter on corporate finance to professional organisations and secondary colleges. He has been acknowledged in financial publications for his contribution to the finance industry.


“…working together is success..”
Henry Ford




Email: gtey3675@bigpond.net.au

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